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Initiative for a mental and spiritual resistance

Balta Lelija is an initiative for mental and spiritual resistance against the "spirit of the Antichrist".


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Thursday, 10. November 2016
Hillary Clinton lost the election!

I will not deny that I was very glad that Hillary Clinton lost the election in the US. It was a great surprise for a lot of people. So I am very thankful to God that the American people were able to avoid a president who does not respect the commandments of God in some basic moral questions and thus promote the culture of death! We need a president who respects the life of born and unborn Americans.

Thanks to all who participated in the prayer!

But my gratitude that H. Clinton was defeated is not accompanied by joy in Donald Trump’s election. As I have already written, I cannot see him fulfilling the mission being a good president of the USA. We will see very soon whether, as president, he will continue to be inspired by abstruse ideas and act with strange behaviour or whether he will become more serious. Also he has to prove he will fulfil his promises to better protect unborn children and religious freedom, both threatened by the Obama administration. It should be quite clear that a lot of Christians voted for him not because they think he will be a good president, but because to vote for Hillary Clinton was not an option!

So I propose to continue with the prayer. May the defeat of Hillary Clinton be only the first important step in the fulfilment of the prayer's intention and may God give us all a president who will help America on the right path!

Saturday, 29. October 2016
Presidential Election in the USA

The US presidential election on November 8, 2016, is heavily overshadowed. This is due to the candidates of the two major parties. Neither Hillary Clinton, Democratic presidential candidate, nor Donald Trump for the Republicans are highly esteemed - neither in the US nor abroad.

For voters with religious and especially Christian beliefs the question arises as to who they will vote for and this can create a big dilemma!

The candidate Hillary Clinton is so involved in the abortion lobby that the "culture of death" will be greatly promoted worldwide if she becomes president. Those who are pushing the entire program of ideological "genderism" - together with the "homosexual agenda" - could hardly find a more suitable person than Hillary Clinton to achieve their goals. According to Mrs. Clinton's own statements in New York during her 2015 election campaign, she would not shy away from using state enforcement, if for religious and cultural reasons her social concept is not accepted, e.g. concerning a woman's right to abortion(1). The election of Mrs. Clinton would probably bring about a very difficult time for convinced Christians, and increasing persecution of those who follow the instructions of God in conflicting sociopolitical questions cannot be ruled out. Voting for her would assist in bringing an enemy of life and fundamental Christian values into the office of the greatest political power in the world and this would have devastating consequences, not only for the unborn Americans and the whole evil context of abortion, but a further undermining of Christian values would take place(2).

As President, Hillary Clinton would be, without doubt, a compliant helper to the spirit of the antichrist! For the stated reasons and from my point of view, she is absolutely unelectable for a believing Catholic and a convinced Christian. Her election should be prevented, as far as this is possible!

The candidate of the Republicans, Donald Trump, repels through his unseriousness. This gives the impression that he is unsuited for such a high office. Some of his statements, e.g. to build a wall on the border with Mexico, which the Mexican government is supposed to pay, his negative remarks about the female gender, his generalized prejudice against Muslims, give reason to fear that the policies of a President Trump would be unpredictable. It is a tragedy that the Republicans are not able to field a more suitable candidate in the election race, because Donald Trump is doing everything to make himself even more unpopular!

On the other hand, he has shown himself to be "pro-life" over the fundamental issues and in the selection of the highest judges. However, the question anxiously remains over whether this arises out of opportunism!

There still remains great unease and uncertainty about the person of the Republican presidential candidate, and for this reason he also seems unelectable!

Some American bishops have voiced their opinion about the election, without mentioning names. Faced with two such unsuitable candidates, they too find themselves in a dilemma. However, the concerns about Hillary prevail to the extent that these bishops are more willing to support Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton. Their reasons are comprehensible: with Donald Trump, their objections are based mainly on his uncouth appearance, his character and his unseriousness, whereas in the case of Hillary Clinton it can be seen clearly that concerning abortion and related issues she is seeking evil and planning to support it.

It could be argued that in such an important election the primary focus should not be on the issue of life protection. The experience of Hillary Clinton in the political landscape is great, so one could expect more serious politics from her than from the Republican candidate.

However, the questions of life protection, morality and religious freedom are so central to a society that the ruin of that society can be foreseen as the consequence of a policy which, in these crucial issues, is not oriented on the commandments of God, but rather acting contrary to them.

For me - despite the comprehensible arguments of the bishops - neither candidate is electable. Rather, I look at them like a plague that is approaching America and the world.

Therefore, I pray urgently to our Lord that neither the one nor the other will come to power, but that the situation might still change in favor of the US, even if this seems impossible!

I would be glad, if some of the faithful would join me in this prayer and I recommend daily, until the election, one Our Father, one Ave Maria, one Gloria Patri and, whoever is able, the prayer to St. Michael, the Archangel!

October 21, 2016

(1) April 2015, New York. To enable many women to have access to reproductive health, Hillary Clinton calls for a change in "deep rooted cultural codes, religious beliefs, and structural phobias". Governments should use their means of force to redefine the traditional religious dogmas "(!!!) In her criticism, Hillary Clinton also mentioned the resistance of the Catholic Church against the health reform of the Obama administration!

(2) “Evil context” means: the impact of abortion on the woman, the man, the family, the chain of guilt up to the doctors, the persons who advise abortion, who finance it, who politically allow or even propagate it...




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